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The beautiful legs stretch pants you will want to wear again and again.

The B-Three brand name is derived from the principle of three “Betters.”

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B-Three—Unchanging values that are not determined by fads, We focus on refining our products’ functionality and better feel to the touch.
The B-Three brand name is derived from the principle of three "Betters."
We focus on "better" but not "best" because we are "always aiming for the best."
To achieve the best as an apparel manufacturer, our production focuses not only on design but also on quality and functionality.
It’s not simply about fashion; we aim to deliver products with "new value" for our customers.
Our meticulous attention to detail led to the creation of B-Three stretch pants or "Miracle Pants", which make legs look beautiful.
The reason B-Three stretch pants are called “Miracle Pants”.
B-Three stretch pants are called "Miracle Pants" because our valued customers have told us, "It seems miraculous, but I end up wearing them every day!"
Our customers express such opinions because of not only design but functionality of Miracle Pants.
The Concept is “Foot Care & Foot Make”
The basic idea behind B-Three is "Foot Care & Foot Make." (Leg Care and Leg Make)
This idea extends in the concept that "comfort in every way adapts to the leg—a beautiful and healthy leg!"
B-Three carefully produces everything from the waist down. Our products are not just fashionable but also offer new value for our customers.

The Secret of Miracle Pants

・Original material that stretches in every direction—360 degrees—and returns to its exact, original shape
・Facilitates movement in all postures without restricting any body type
・Carefully selected high-quality materials
・A smooth, glossy feel that doesn’t irritate the skin
・Thoroughly researched, beautiful leg shape based on data of all body types
・Carefully designed for a long-leg effect in various sizes and shapes
Long life—Easy to maintain for extended use
・Doesn't crease easily or bag at the knees
・Can be washed at home washing machine
Safe and secure B-Three quality
・Quality checks on more than 60 points concerning the design—from the yarn and cloth to the completed product
・International quality management system standard "ISO9001" certified

Meticulous approach to production

Cotton, one of the materials used in the production of B-Three Miracle Pants, is a natural fiber that is comfortable to the body.
However, it is our cotton’s high quality that lends the distinct feeling and the pleasure of wearing these pants.
The top-quality super-high fiber cotton used by B-Three comprises only 3% of the world’s cotton production. This cotton's long fibers, compared with the fibers of the majority of cotton types, create a finer, smoother, and better-quality yarn.
The yarn is woven into a smooth, supple texture with a superior feel, so you want to wear Miracle Pants all the time.
Yarn production
Even high-quality raw cotton will not produce a yarn with good texture.
Instead, the process of removing impurities from the raw cotton and controlling the fibers’ length and direction must be repeated over and over.
This is a laborious task, but it has a tremendous effect on the pleasure of wearing each pair of pants.
Our willingness to repeat this important process greatly improves the cotton yarn's quality.
Stretch fabric
Stretch pants can’t be good just at stretching.
Rather, to maintain a beautiful shape, the stretched area must return precisely to its original shape.
Through much time and effort and with a meticulous focus on a fabric that maintains quality, B-Three pants not only exhibit 360-degree stretching but also return precisely to their original shape because polyurethane is used in both the weft and the warp.
Beautiful leg silhouette
For women, “beauty” is an eternal theme.
At B-Three, we aim to design pants so that women can always look young and beautiful.
As opposed to tops, pants must not only be comfortable but also maintain their shape, so detailed adjustments are made to each part to create a beautiful leg silouette.
We are particular and thorough about the design, pattern, and sewing construction so that more women will be happy regardless of their age or body shape.

About B-Three Shop

Hip Body
The characteristic mannequin with protruding hips is symbolic of B-Three.
Its “bowing pose” shows respect to our customers.
Cylinder packaging
At the shop, Miracle Pants are stored in a small "cylinder package".
This display can be used only because the material does not crease.
Professional pants fitters
At B-Three, professional pants fitters advise customers on everything from choosing the right pants to how to wear them.
We put our whole heart into our products and sales.
This is B-Three’s motto