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Beautiful Legs Laboratory—The laboratory for all kinds of miraculous pants.

Beautiful Legs Laboratory—The laboratory for all kinds of miraculous pants.

We established the Beautiful Legs Laboratory to research the functionality of pants,
focusing especially on beautiful stretch pants.
In addition to aiming for even greater quality, we are developing the next generation of stretch pants.
  • Ergonomics Laboratory

    We are conducting a variety of research projects from an ergonomics perspective.
    By researching the effect of clothing on the human frame and muscles and studying body temperature etc., we are developing products that are not only fashionable but also have new values and advanced functionality.
  • Quality Control Laboratory

    To maintain quality and provide safe, secure products, researchers with qualifications in clothing control and quality control for textile products conduct rigorous checks so that only products meeting B-Three quality are delivered to customers.
  • Sewing Laboratory

    This is a "small factory" where prototypes are made.
    Because the 360-degree stretch fabric requires certain sewing techniques, maintaining quality is incredibly difficult.
    At the sewing laboratory, we maintain and improve quality by sharing information and techniques with sewing factories via the Internet.

Hospitality Laboratory—Making our customers smile more

Since the B-Three brand was first established, we placed great emphasis on hospitality.
The Hospitality Research Institute provides another "miracle" by bringing joy and satisfaction to our customers through our B-Three "Professional Fitter" sales staff, who are professionals in selecting pants.
This facility includes a training room, an imitation shop, and a photography studio. Within the facility, role-plays are photographed, including customer role-plays, and distributed to all staff members.
Every day, we research and improve on our hospitality capabilities.

Customer Satisfaction Laboratory—Exceeding our customers’ expectations

The CS Research Institute is scheduled to open in spring 2016. At the Laboratory, we will pursue services that emphasize safety and security as well as quality, while valuing our connection with our customers.
At the Laboratory, we will conduct O2O (online to offline) B-Three brand promotion and pursue omnichannel retailing to offer IT-based customer services. These activities will allow us to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.