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B-Three Quality

At Value Planning Co., Ltd., we were certified with the international environmental management system standard “ISO14001” on September 7, 2006, and the international quality management system standard “ISO9001” on September 19, 2007. These standards are awarded by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO; Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland) (click here for details about ISO14001 and ISO9001). In addition to providing products with low environmental burden in support of a recycling-oriented society, we are contributing to global environmental conservation and continuous economic development. In order to offer services and products that maximize customer satisfaction, we continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management systems.

Traceability Management

Management records are kept to trace B-Three pants (from materials through sewing).
We have established a system to ascertain the fabric, production plant, production date, and materials of a product purchased by a customer by tracking its serial number. *

Traceability initiatives(Prior to product completion)

We continue to supply safe, secure, high-quality products by conducting regular checks and improvements on each process.

The process of fabric inspections, product inspections, and gauge readings

  1. 01.Fabric factory
  2. 02.Sewing factory
  3. 03.External inspection (Japanese inspection company)
  4. 04.Warehouse
  5. 05.Shop
  6. 06.Customer

A perfect management system that delivers “safe” quality

We have prepared quality management equipment and systems at our factories so that checks are conducted on more than 60 points in the manufacturing process—from the yarn and fabric preparation through to product completion.
We have prepared an uncompromising, perfect management system for production so that customers feel safe wearing B-Three pants.

External inspection agency quality (security) inspection

The fabric of B-Three pants is checked by an external inspection agency*1 for security in a solidity inspection*2 and a physical examination.*3
Additionally, our company, which has acquired international quality management system standards issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO; Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland), conducts quality management inspections for security purposes.
All products are checked when leaving the factory and when being stored at the warehouse. We also conduct checks for omissions.
A pre-shipping inspection, conducted to check factory inspections’ reliability, is implemented by an external inspection agency.