About Us

Our Corporate Philosophy

The Three 1’s — Only 1, No. 1, and First 1.

Our Manufacturing Philosophy

Revolutionary Pants Design

When it comes to pants, unlike tops or other articles, it is the one type of clothing wherein
we leave little room for compromise—not only in design but also in fabric quality and fit.
Therefore, we developed the ultimate in stretch pants, focusing on fabric elasticity and durability as well as functionality, offering a chic silhouette that accentuates all body types. 
And by narrowing the field to a single item among a multitude of clothing,
we can further focus our attention and resources on creating products of the highest quality.

At our Beautiful Legs Lab,  we daily conduct research to create the ultimate in stretch pants.

We built the Beautiful Legs Lab on account of our desire to provide you a product of greater quality.
We develop the materials and design of one style of pants over a span of three to five years. 

At our research lab, from the selection of basic materials and thread making to sewing and experimental fittings by staff members, we focus on craftsmanship at every step of the development phase and work hard daily to develop the ideal stretch pants. In order to maintain our unique quality standards for ensuring the comfort of our products, we use our own quality testing equipment. Only the products that go past our strict standards are made available to our valued customers.
To become a leading global retailer and developer of stretch pants,

we focus now and in the future on providing reliably genuine products that will continue to be cherished all over the world. In addition, through our pants products, we will work to further delight and impress our customers, and we will continuously strive toward those goals.

Our Values