About Us

Message from the President

Overcoming Common Sense Notions in the Apparel Industry and Revolutionizing Pants Design
Since its establishment in 1994, Value Planning Co. Ltd. has made a mark on the apparel industry—not through the traditional industry model of "selling a design" but by coming up with a new approach of "selling functionality." Focusing on our goal of continuing to make women forever look youthful, beautiful, and healthy, we built our business structure on the concept of "health and beauty," by adopting or developing the finest in base materials and introducing functional product innovation.

One of our hot products out on the market today is "Miracle Stretch Pants," which is available at "B-Three" (a registered trademark in 49 countries worldwide) specialty shops. These stretch pants incorporate our original 360-degree stretch fabric that freely expands lengthwise, widthwise, and diagonally for an unprecedented level of fit, feel, and functionality. At our Beautiful Legs Lab, established in 2008, we formed our own strict codes of quality control and work hard toward developing products that meticulously comply with these standards, i.e., from material development to quality control.

We will continue to offer reliably genuine products that provide newly developed high-value innovations because your complete satisfaction in the product is our highest priority.
Value Planning—the company's name itself is evocative of our desire to "create value for today's lifestyles"—will continue to break new grounds and revolutionize pants design.
We strive to become a leading global company and your "Only 1" choice for your apparel needs.

We will continue to evolve through continuous improvement. You can expect great things from Value Planning.
Value Planning Co., Ltd. President and CEONorio Imoto